Thank you for your past support of the Mayors’ Feed the Hungry Program. We continue to serve our community where the need to fight hunger continues to be great.

We are writing to tell you of a special opportunity that is being presented to our organization since it qualified to be a participant in this year’s Giving Challenge, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Sarasota.

Unlike prior years, where there was a race to receive any matching funds, this year the Patterson Foundation will match any contribution between $25 – $100 made to the “Mayors’ Feed the Hungry Program” at any time during the 24 hour Challenge. Donors who contributed last year will be matched 1:1. Donors who did not contribute last year will be matched 2:1. However, you are not limited in the amount you can give to help feed the hungry. Our member agencies encourage you to give as much as possible, as the requests from truly hungry families always exceed our current capacity. All contributions must be made through the Giving Challenge website by credit card and are subject to a 6% processing fee.

Please, be a part of this year’s Giving Challenge.

Here is precisely how to do it:

  1. Go on line to www.givingpartnerchallenge.org between Noon on September 20 and 11:59:59 AM September 21, 2016, and
  2. Search for Mayors’ Feed the Hungry Program,
  3. Donate at least $25 (all donations must be made by using either a Debit or Credit Card).

Please note that all credit card donations will show a charge to the Community Foundation, not directly to the Mayors’ Feed the Hungry Program. This allows our organization to receive the matching funds the foundation has to offer. Please join us in this effort, and encourage your family, friends and associates to donate. As always, we thank you for your concern for those in need in our community.

Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook at:
where we will have up to date information about the giving challenge and other upcoming events!


Annual Food Drive
November 7th – 18th 2016

We need your help!

Please Help Us Feed The Hungry This Holiday Season.
We will be collecting Non-Perishable Food Items at designated locations, soon to be announced.

Want to be a drop off location – GREAT! – For information about how you, your business or organization can help, contact Scott Biehler at 941-350-6075 or e-mail him at scott@mayorsfeedthehungry.org.


Wondering where our next meal is coming from is something most of us never have to worry about. However, for many in Sarasota and Manatee counties, it’s a constant concern. Thanks to the continued support of schools, religious organizations, corporate sponsors and individual members of our community, we have helped thousands of hungry children and adults who rely on assistance from programs like the Mayors’ Feed the Hungry Program.

There is an immediate need in our own communities and we need your help – right now – more than ever before.

A contribution to this all-volunteer program means your money goes to feed the hungry! The only administrative expenses are for the production of printed materials and mailing costs. All money collected stays in our communities and is used for food vouchers that are distributed throughout the year by local churches, civic groups and social services agencies. (See About Us for more information.)

Last year your generosity provided over 14,000 meals – over 35% went to children, over 16% went to the handicapped and over 15% went to the elderly – however more than 40,000 requests were left unfilled!

We already know the need this year will be even greater because of current economic conditions.

Even the smallest contribution – combined with others – will help feed the hungry.

As we launch our campaign this year, we are asking you all to lend a helping hand once more. Remember, every dollar counts – please feed as many as you can.

Mayors' Feed the Hungry Program
P.O. Box 1992, Sarasota, FL 34230-1992
Joel Swallow, Chairman